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The Ragusa Company Ltd was established in 1991 with headquarters in Varaždin. The main activity of the company was trade and import of finished products. Several years later, the Ragusa company decides to launch production of pasta and gradually creates their own brand RAGUSA.

With the relocation from Varaždin to Pušćine began purchasing of the first production lines. In 1994 the company buys a fully automated line for long pasta production. With the gradual expansion of the market and with increasing demands, the space in which the company was operating was no longer sufficient for quality-performance activities. It was necessary to buy a new product line as soon as possible and find more space for the accommodation.

In 1999 we moved our manufacturing and warehouse space and later on the entire administration to a new location in Čakovec and bought new production lines. In addition to the existing two production lines for long and short pasta, in 2003 we purchased a production line for spaghetti. The above mentioned lines are the only ones fully automated and with the largest production capacity in Croatia, as shown by the study in the Lider journal. In the year 2005 a new expansion takes place by purchasing production lines for pasta in Županja, in 2008 a manufacturing facility Jadran in Križevci was taken over. We plan to build another manufacturing facility at the already mentioned location in Čakovec and this would increase our existing capacities.

The Ragusa company currently employs around 70 workers at four manufacturing plants. In its product range it produces around 50 products under the brand "RAGUSA", as well as almost all brands of the Croatian supermarket chains.

His effort and leadership in the production of pasta in Croatia, was also confirmed by creating two new brands, MAMINI cookies and pasta FIOLI which won the CROPAK award for the best packaging design in the year 2010.

In August 2011, in the premises of the Jewish Religious Community Bet Israel, the Chief Rabbi, Kotel Da-Don, PhD has handed a kosher certificate for the whole assortment of pasta to the company Ragusa Ltd.